Ralph Brabante

Web Developer | Programmer | Business Man | Martial Artist


I am Ralph John G. Brabante, I started web development nine years ago, and I worked with eight big companies in the past nine years.

I started young because I was not able to finish my College Degree (B.S. in Information & Technology) due to financial difficulty, I worked tough day and night to be able to learn everything that I'm capable of learning.

Wayback 2010, I started cleaning/repairing computer system units, and I earn ranging 2,000 to 4,000 Pesos (around 78 USD) per unit, which is pretty good for that age.

Well, It helped me earn some money, and I started investing in books (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, SQL, C++) and many more. As time goes by, I began to grow and be able to create websites, web applications, single-page applications, and start my own business too GIMO Laboratory Supplies in March 2020.

Until today, I never stop learning by purchasing Udemy Courses and apply them to my Career every day.

Being a programmer is a lifetime learning commitment. I believe the key to your success is to always Under-promise and Over-deliver